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The Sugar Lab’s Kyle Von Hasseln (M.Arch 2012) and Liz Von Hasseln (M.Arch 2012) featured by Huffington Post

  Huffington Post features SCI-Arc alumni Kyle Von Hasseln (M.Arch ‘12) and Liz Von Hasseln (M.Arch ‘12) of The Sugar Lab in a story about the launch of “the world’s first and only kitchen-ready 3D food printer,” announced by 3D Systems at the CES […]

Feb, 04 · in Alumni News

“Geology Museum + Research Center” by lee+mundwiler architects featured by World Architecture News

  The Geology Museum + Research Center in Shenzhen, China by lee+mundwiler architects (Cara Lee, M.Arch 1996 and Stephan Mundwiler, M.Arch 1995) is nearing completion and was featured by World Architecture News in January.  

Feb, 04 · in Alumni News

“House Addition” by Thomas Prinz (M.Arch 1988)

A one room addition to existing  1940s english tudor house in Omaha, NE.

Dec, 23

“Child Development Center” by Edmund Einy (B.Arch 1985)

This 15,000 square foot Child Development Center is a joint use facility that will be maintained and operated by the City’s Child Care offices and the locale City College Early Childhood & Education Department. The […]

Dec, 18

“Indiana House” by Earl Parson (M.Arch 1996)

Indiana Lake House Addition is a 1,600 s.f. addition to a 1,300 s.f. residence on a narrow wooded lot along a lake in Northeast Indiana.   The addition brought a new entry with a double-height […]

Dec, 04

“Torre Playa” by Luis Manuel Herrera (M.Arch 1993)

  Surrounded by a spectacular view of the Gulf of Mexico, the Torre Playa is a 20-unit condominium that tries to reflect the principal conditions of the area, its latitude, weather and natural view.  The […]

Nov, 27

“San Angelo Community Center” by Nerin Kadribegovic (M.Arch 2003)

Create a Net-Zero Energy, LEED Platinum community building to provide a potent civic building for the Park while leveraging the adjacent existing non-descript 1970’s gabled community center.   This project is conceived as a simple, […]

Nov, 20


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