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“Lieberstein Residence” by Peter Grueneisen (MArch ’90) featured in LA Times

  LA Times featured the Lieberstein Residence, designed by Peter Grueneisen (M.Arch 1990) of Nonzero/Architecture.

Feb, 05 · in Alumni News

The Sugar Lab’s Kyle Von Hasseln (M.Arch 2012) and Liz Von Hasseln (M.Arch 2012) featured by Huffington Post

  Huffington Post features SCI-Arc alumni Kyle Von Hasseln (M.Arch ‘12) and Liz Von Hasseln (M.Arch ‘12) of The Sugar Lab in a story about the launch of “the world’s first and only kitchen-ready 3D food printer,” announced by 3D Systems at the CES […]

Feb, 04 · in Alumni News

“Geology Museum + Research Center” by lee+mundwiler architects featured by World Architecture News

  The Geology Museum + Research Center in Shenzhen, China by lee+mundwiler architects (Cara Lee, M.Arch 1996 and Stephan Mundwiler, M.Arch 1995) is nearing completion and was featured by World Architecture News in January.  

Feb, 04

“House Addition” by Thomas Prinz (M.Arch 1988)

A one room addition to existing  1940s english tudor house in Omaha, NE.

Dec, 23

“Child Development Center” by Edmund Einy (B.Arch 1985)

This 15,000 square foot Child Development Center is a joint use facility that will be maintained and operated by the City’s Child Care offices and the locale City College Early Childhood & Education Department. The […]

Dec, 18

“Indiana House” by Earl Parson (M.Arch 1996)

Indiana Lake House Addition is a 1,600 s.f. addition to a 1,300 s.f. residence on a narrow wooded lot along a lake in Northeast Indiana.   The addition brought a new entry with a double-height […]

Dec, 04

“Torre Playa” by Luis Manuel Herrera (M.Arch 1993)

  Surrounded by a spectacular view of the Gulf of Mexico, the Torre Playa is a 20-unit condominium that tries to reflect the principal conditions of the area, its latitude, weather and natural view.  The […]

Nov, 27


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